• The St Luke experience

    The St Luke experience

    In the historic city of Split, in culturally rich Croatia, sits a small but elegant hotel, itself drenched in history. It offers something that arguably no other hotel in Croatia can offer. The chance not just to visit a country, to rent a room. But to genuinely feel like you are experiencing another culture, another way of life. You won’t just check in. You’ll meet Branimir, the manager. And under those freemasonry stonework walls, opposite the church of St Luke and near to the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace, he will regale you with stories of Croatian life and culture. He may tell you the history of the hotel itself, starting out as a simple fisherman’s hut some 350 years ago. Branimir himself sums up the essence of Split; friendly, passionate and keen to talk to people of different cultures. He may suggest you take a walk along the famous Riva promenade, or even a hike up the nearby Marjan hill or a drive to the historic town of Trogir. Or perhaps where to enjoy Croatian cuisine in a host of different restaurants. Wherever the conversation goes, the evening will go well. St Luke’s is the difference between feeling like a tourist and feeling like you belong. And when you get back from visiting Split’s many experiences, you’ll feel like you are coming home.
  • Thing to do

    Things to do in Split in winter

    Where do we start? The possibilities are endless. Imagine leaving the door of St Luke’s hotel and breathing in the cool Mediterranean air as you look down towards the gleaming Adriatic Sea. You can smell food cooking for breakfast close by at the Riva promenade. You’ve already sampled a traditional Croatian breakfast of polenta and lard on cornbread with a mattering off paprika and some super strong coffee, but guiltily, you are already thinking about lunch. Branimir has told you to try the Crni rizot, basically, a squid and black rice risotto, but a firm favourite in Split. Question is, which of the seemingly hundreds of different restaurants on the Riva do you and your partner choose to sit at? There’s lots to do first and maybe a walk up the Marjan hill to see the stunning view will make you feel less guilty. Another great thing about Split in winter is all the winter concerts from local bands. What better way to soak up a culture, along with a good Croatian grappa? Hmmm, better remember to take your shades, it always seems sunny and bright in Split, even in winter.
  • Advent


    There’s a lot of great reasons to visit Split in winter, and to stay at St Luke’s, but one of the best is the Advent season. The spirit of the city and the culture of the people really comes alive, for example, when you visit the advent fair on the Riva promenade. Steaming hot sausages, mulled wine, souvenirs for sale and great local music. If you are looking for something a little quieter, Dardin park, offers classical music and this year also an ice-skating extravaganza. In the piazza you can also just chill out to various advent attractions. Sit down and enjoy some mulled wine with maybe some traditional festive season codfish and fritule, (fritule are a local kind of dumpling). If you are there at the right time, go and catch the Kapla singers outside the iron gate at Diocletian’s palace, (kapla is really a Capella choir).